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Language: german english russian turkish experience the limitless views of the world with your own eyes again. Home about us special fields news arts contact introduction special fields cataract glaucoma macular diseases diabetes vitreous body / retina femto lasik cornea / keratoconus presbyopia / multifocal lenses premium lenses glasses / contact lenses vision testing / children aesthetic lid surgery / botox how to contact us: +49 211 5867570 or via email: recommend this page… …or with these additional services. viagra effects and side effects Perception of shadows, fog-like or grime-like objects or increasing amount of streaks may be symptoms of a retinal disease. viagra history patent Today, vitreous body diseases and retinal diseases can be treated without sutures and without any pain. what is the safest viagra alternative Detachment of retina due to a disease of the vitreous body may result in dying-off of visual cells and, if not diagnosed and treated as early as possible, even in blindness. viagra for sale Our surgeon dr. viagra super force H. viagra effects and side effects Kaymak is internationally renowned in the field of minimal-invasive treatment of detached retina (retinal detachment surgery) as well as by means of sophisticated therapy concepts of vitreous body and retinal surgery. viagra online What are the causes of retinal detachment? Viagra women forum Video: floaters shrinking of the vitreous body is the most frequent cause of retinal detachment (also called retinal ablation). generic viagra The vitreous body - which is located between lens and retina, and consists of 98% water, and initially almost completely fills the eye - loses fluid over time and correspondingly shrinks. viagra 2.5 This results in tension on the retina, which then may detach at certain locations. This happens with a lot of people, above all at an advanced age, and usually it is not dangerous. viagra effects and side effects Typical symptoms include small dots or streaks that seem to be floating on a light background in the visual field (floaters). viagra online Pathogenic retinal ablation may result in dying-off of visual cells. cheap viagra Video: retinal ablation however, these signs could also represent early symptoms of a serious disease of the vitreous body. viagra without a doctor prescription If the vitreous body increasingly shrinks due to a disease, then the tension on the retina also increases; this may cause fissures or holes in the retina. Liquid viagra bodybuilding This is very dangerous, as this may enable eye fluid to enter behind the retina, correspondingly detaching the retina from the vital background. how long before intercourse should viagra be taken This will result in dying-off of visual cells. http://classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-order-cheap-viagra-online-jt/ Myopic persons are more often affected than emmetropic persons. viagra vs viagra which is better Prophylactic laser treatment of the preliminary stages of retinal holes may offer protection against retinal detachment. buy cheap viagra The symptoms of a retinal hole are usually not accompanied by pain. Buy viagra online canada no prescription Video: retinal hole the symptoms indicating fissures or a hole in the retina include. cheap viagra uk delivery cheap viagra online


‘Le mie opere nascono da particolari stati d’animo, da travaglio interiore che mi stimola a realizzare con immediatezza quanto provo.’

Salvatore Sotgiu

"...In Sotgiu balza evidente l’impegno compositivo, il rigore tecnico, e anche la` dove il tema e` accennato, il nucleo tematico e` evidente."

Pasquale Scanu


"Sono inutili certe descrizioni quando pochi segni raggiungono l’effetto pensato, …(…sono) grovigli, tratteggi, volute nervose che raccontano anche affetti di casa, memorie del quotidiano."

Claudia Ferraresi


'...il desiderio piu` grande di questo pittore rimane quello di poter “entrare dentro il quadro” e di aggredire la tela facendola propria’

Gian Giorgio Massara



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