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The cancer has spread) when the cancer is detected, how long the patient has had the symptoms, type of treatment received and how strong the patient is, to withstand the treatment. viagra sales in uk viagra sales mail Physically and mentally strong patient can have a much extended life expectancy. buy viagra cheap viagra for men online india Surgery to remove cancer, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and cryosurgery (use of liquid nitrogen to kill the cancer cells) are the main types of treatments available for bone cancer. viagra online prescription where can i get viagra over the counter Life expectancy of the patient also depends upon how much cancer is killed with the help of radiation and chemo-cycles. viagra cost south africa review cheap generic viagra co uk Regular checkups play an important role in extending the life expectancy of the patient, because the cancer is likely to get metastasized to other organs like lungs, or it can come back in the same bone or other bones too. Buy viagra online mumbai Bone cancer survival rates are calculated for different purposes by different methods. do you need a prescription for viagra in canada Statistics are published after studying several groups of people. viagra cost south africa Groups are formed according to the stage or type of the cancer. viagra online Mostly, the figures express the percentage of people who have survived the disease for 5 years after the diagnosis. viagra cost south africa A few years ago, the overall 5-year relative bone cancer survival rate was 70%. buy viagra discount online The 5-year relative bone cancer life expectancy, by race and sex is described below: race and sex people survived caucasian men 68% caucasian women 73% african-american men 71% african-american women 69% the 5-year relative life expectancy for bone cancer, depending upon the stage of bone cancer at the time of diagnosis is described here: stage when cancer is detected people survived total cases localized (confined to primary site) 85% 41% regional (spread towards regional lymph nodes) 70% 36% distant (metastasized) 31% 15% unstaged (information of stage not known) 63% 8% the 5-year relative bone cancer death rates according to the age of the people affected are described below: age when cancer is detected people died total cases under age 20 15% 30% above age 75 19% 4% the 5-year survival rate of metastasized bone cancer or final stage bone cancer is between 19 and 49 percent. cheapest online viagra The survival rate is quite encouraging, but you should not forget that the chances of beating the cancer or extending the life expectancy of the patient are strongly dependent on the determination and attitude of the patient throughout. howtosmudge.com/pjn-cheap-generic-viagra-online-bn/ Family support and love play an important role in uplifting the spirit of the patient. Viagra cost nhs Every case of cancer is unique and these statistics should not be used to predict the health of a particular patient. order cheap generic viagra By leena palande last updated: 9/8/2011 tweet don't miss bone cancer survival rate symptoms of bone cancer in leg stage 4 bone cancer metastatic bone cancer bone cancer pain more from buzzle bone cancer prognosis bone cancer symptoms in humans secondary bone cancer survival rate symptoms of bone cancer bone cancer complications secondary bone cancer symptoms bone marrow cancer myeloma cancer life expectancy bone marrow cance. Viagra viagra mechanism action generic viagra best prices


‘Le mie opere nascono da particolari stati d’animo, da travaglio interiore che mi stimola a realizzare con immediatezza quanto provo.’

Salvatore Sotgiu

"...In Sotgiu balza evidente l’impegno compositivo, il rigore tecnico, e anche la` dove il tema e` accennato, il nucleo tematico e` evidente."

Pasquale Scanu


"Sono inutili certe descrizioni quando pochi segni raggiungono l’effetto pensato, …(…sono) grovigli, tratteggi, volute nervose che raccontano anche affetti di casa, memorie del quotidiano."

Claudia Ferraresi


'...il desiderio piu` grande di questo pittore rimane quello di poter “entrare dentro il quadro” e di aggredire la tela facendola propria’

Gian Giorgio Massara



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