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You are here: home health/fitness medical specialists oncology (general cancer) gall bladder polyp.... cheap viagra online Risk of cancer oncology (general cancer)/gall bladder polyp.... Risk of cancer advertisement expert: michael dean - 12/15/2010 question hi, i'm 35 yrs male living in india. My dad is the last of eight children. Four of them died due to various forms of cancer. generic viagra online canada pharmacy Recently i had an ultrasound for kidney stones. viagra on the nhs prescription Apart from the findings of the kidney stones the report read, "the gall bladder is moderately distended. There are three polypoid mucosal thickenings of 4 to 7 mm. generic viagra canada There are no calculus in it. viagra side effects hearing loss " i did some research on the internet & found that polyps bigger than 1 cm are at high risk of cancer. how long does a viagra pill last Considering that one of them is 7 mm should i have my gall bladder removed or is frequent monitoring needed? trial coupon for viagra Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. when does viagra patent expire in canada Answer sorry we can't give specific medical advice on this site. when does viagra patent expire in canada Removing your gallbladder is probably drastic. I would suggest a second opinion and/or regular imaging of the gallbladder. Here is more information: i hope this helps, michael questioner's rating rating(1-10) knowledgeability = 10 clarity of response = 10 politeness = 10 comment no comment add to this answer ask a question related articles gall bladder surgery raises colon cancer risk risk factors for gallbladder cancer gallbladder problems - diagnosis of gallbladder problems gallbladder cancer causes - what causes gallbladder cancer bladder cancer - bladder cancer risk factors oncology (general cancer) all answers answers by expert: claes-gustaf nordquist, m. when does viagra patent expire in canada D. Donald higby, m. D. Michael dean dr m khalid munir doug bank juliet seigle, md ask experts volunteer michael dean expertise can answer general information on the causes of cancer and cancer prevention. Information on current cancer research and breakthroughs. The genetics of cancer the risk of smoking for lung cancer and other cancers, as well as sids, heart disease, and vision loss. Cannot answer specific medical questions experience cancer researcher for over 20 years author of the book "empty cribs-the impact of smoking on child health" www. Artsciencepub. Com. Author of over 200 scientific articles on cancer, genetics and human disease. Multiple interviews in print, tv and radio media. Organizations american association for cancer research american association of human genetics publications scientific journals (science, nature, ne journal medicine, etc. http://nationalityinworldhistory.net/bsh-buy-viagra-online-no-prescription-xr/ ) scientific american, discovery medicine, nature reviews in cancer education/credentials phd. viagra to buy online in australia In biochemistry from boston university school of medicine awards and honors young investigator award-american association of cancer research user agreement privacy policy ©2012 about. Com. viagra canada online All rights.


‘Le mie opere nascono da particolari stati d’animo, da travaglio interiore che mi stimola a realizzare con immediatezza quanto provo.’

Salvatore Sotgiu

"...In Sotgiu balza evidente l’impegno compositivo, il rigore tecnico, e anche la` dove il tema e` accennato, il nucleo tematico e` evidente."

Pasquale Scanu


"Sono inutili certe descrizioni quando pochi segni raggiungono l’effetto pensato, …(…sono) grovigli, tratteggi, volute nervose che raccontano anche affetti di casa, memorie del quotidiano."

Claudia Ferraresi


'...il desiderio piu` grande di questo pittore rimane quello di poter “entrare dentro il quadro” e di aggredire la tela facendola propria’

Gian Giorgio Massara



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